The goals of the Legislative program are to keep members up-to-date on all issues and pending bills relating to veterans, their dependents, active-duty military and national security; to let legislators know our views regarding such legislation; and hold them accountable for honoring America’s promises to veterans.

The Legislative program got its start in 1928, at which time it was called Legislation. As the years have gone by, the VFW Auxiliary has progressed greatly with letter-writing, personal contacts, e-mails, and invitations to legislators to attend our functions so that we can share our views with them and they can tell us their positions on veterans’ issues.

Priority Goals
The Priority Goals reflect the resolutions passed by the VFW to strengthen and ensure an adequate VA system for millions of current and future veterans. The Priority Goals are released early each year by the VFW. Be sure you check for the most recent Priority Goals.
1- VA Health Care
3-VA Compensation Benefits
5-Education and Employment
7-Miltary Quality of Life
2-Suicides and Homelessness 4-Seamless Transition
6-Defense and Homeland Security 8-POW/MIA

I would also like every member who has a computer to sign up for the VFW Action Corps Weekly. A guide to sign up for that is on the National website. I also would like every Auxiliary and District to get a list of our local senators and representatives.

Please remember that our National President’s Theme is “Our Veterans Now and Forever.” Our Department President’s Theme is: “ United in Service for our Veterans.”

Thank you,
Karma Hunsaker
Legislative Chairman 2015-2016