Historian, Department of Idaho

Historian is the hardest and easiest report.

VFW Auxiliary National Bylaws: Section 822-Historian, Duties of
“The Historian shall collect all authentic material pertaining tot he history of their Auxiliary, carefully compile the same, and submit a report at the end of the year.”

Each year a Department Auxiliary Book is made for the President as a way to look back at all the good things that have transpired during the presidential term.
To be included in the Department Presidential Book are:

  • Photographs
  • Press Releases (Send any and all press releases in regard to your Committee Programs. (i.e. Family Freedom Festival))
  • Notes and Cards

When the Department President or Commander visit the Auxiliary or District, take pictures and send them to the Department Historian Chairman.

Make sure to include the Post and Auxiliary name and number to identify who sent the information.
Thank you for volunteering to be an Historian in the VFW Auxiliary!