Chief of Staff

I have been appointed as your Department Chief of Staff/Extension for 2015-2016. I will be your main point of contact for the Department Extension Program, which includes the establishment of new VFW Auxiliaries and reviewing the health of current VFW Auxiliaries. I also will be here to help you and advocate for you, if needed.

As you may have heard, the VFW passed Resolution 302. This means that effective August 21, 2015, you may recruit male and female relatives (over the age of 16 years of age) of a veteran (who is eligible for VFW membership) into the Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to the United States (VFW Auxiliary. If you have any questions, please contact Department President Carmelita Jones, Department Membership Chairman Suzanne Millbach, or myself. By increasing the eligible potential members, we should be able to increase our auxiliary membership and help our auxiliaries to be more healthy.

For existing VFW Auxiliaries, there are essential tasks that you need to accomplish each year to be a Healthy Auxiliary. I will be mailing each Auxiliary President with information about: R U Healthy? Auxiliary Checklist, a Checklist for holding meetings, a sample Agenda for an Auxiliary meeting, a suggested Phone/Text Tree for contacting your members, an Auxiliary Meeting Clinic list showing common problems and solutions, and ask you to use the Member Questionnaire for a Healthy Check Up for your Auxiliary. If you have any question or need assistance, please contact me.

Please contact bachelor posts in your District and ask if they are willing and ready to add a VFW Auxiliary. Please contact me, if you have a bachelor post that is interested in forming a VFW Auxiliary. I will be glad to work with them and a local district organizer. The Auxiliary is there to help and augment your VFW Post with your events and dinners.

Melanie Palmer
2015-2016 Chief of Staff/Extension
Department of Idaho