FYI: The Department of Idaho has just instituted a new Auxiliary, the first one in several years!!!

What a remarkable endeavor this has been!!! I am so proud to welcome our new Aux 1173 (Boise) in District #5 with a total of 21 new members to the Department of Idaho Family. It comes on-board with our first male AUX President and five additional male AUX Members. They will bring added strength to the Department of Idaho.

These remarkable accomplishments don’t just happen overnight on their own. It takes a total team effort, over a period of time, to ensure all the pieces are in place to bring this to a highly successful conclusion. A special thanks to Post 1173 Commander Cesler and Dept Chief of Staff Palmer for spearheading this effort and the many helping hands along the way to make it happen!!!

Hopefully, this is just the beginning, as we have two other new Auxiliary possibilities that we are currently working on.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season and the coming New Year.

Carmelita Jones
Department of Idaho
Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary