Idaho Reaches 91.43% Membership

WOOHOO!!! We finished up yesterday’s 2nd Qtr Membership at 91.43%!

Great job “TEAM IDAHO!!!”

I was preparing some Membership Update ideas yesterday for your consideration to send out.  A reminder of our next Membership Goal we needed to achieve and what awards are available for Aux Members, Auxiliaries, and the Department of Idaho would probably be very helpful as we continue to work on our Membership Program.  There’s awards for everyone to recognize their membership achievements.

Glad to see that National Membership Director Joyce Bilyeu’s Membership Promotion this morning that the attached fits perfectly with her promo.

Best wishes in 2016!!!

See you soon in Boise for Mid-Winter!

Thank you,
Carmelita Jones
Dept of ID President

Download (PDF, 417KB)