Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho photo by Momgyver

Welcome to the VFW Auxiliary Department of Idaho‘s website!

We are a group of caring volunteers who work to support ALL Veterans throughout this beautiful state as well as country wide.   We enjoy a great deal of comradeship with people who are related to those who served or are serving!

  2018-19 Officers

President: Cynthia Jones
Senior Vice President: Catherine Wayment
Junior Vice President: Paddie Neubauer
Secretary: Christine Mariman
Treasurer: Karma Hunsaker
Conductress: Dawn Chandler
Chaplain:  Lynda Kortright
Guard: Kyla Hunsaker
Chief of Staff: Vicki Smith
2018/19 National President: Sandy Kriebel
Past National President: Dee Gilroy

District Presidents

District #1 Samantha Ayers
District #2 Denise Sampo
District #4 Karma Hunsaker
District #5 Melissa Suekel
District #6 Diana Beasquez
District #7 Eva Ackerman
District #8  Lynda Kortright